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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
“Interns are people who follow orders, engage in menial tasks, and fill their downtime by dreaming of what they might be doing.”  -Toms Shoes

Wheels Of Action has decided to follow in the footsteps of Toms Shoes and not categorize anyone as simply an intern. There really is too much change that is needed in the world and we don’t want people sitting around attempting to fulfill their university requirements or community service hours. 


We need AGENTS OF CHANGE who play a critical role in pushing forward a movement that we all believe in very much!


We are searching for driven individuals who will become an integral part of our organization.  We want to create a family unit who works their fingers to the bone trying to make a difference and when they decide to leave our organization, they are forever changed. 


For more information about how you can become an Agent Of Change please email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


WOA is currently seeking assistance with the following areas: 


Events Planning & Concert Committee


We’re looking for people to help organize, promote, and run events.


This includes:

  • Coming up with good event ideas

  • Coordinating food and beverage service

  • Reserving event space

  • Advertising events: creating and posting posters, staffing contact tables, writing e-mails, helping with follow-up


Public Relations


We're looking for people to assist us in developing & improving partnerships with other organizations locally and internationally.


This includes:

  • Letting us know about organizations you are involved in that are in some way related to sustainable development

  • Connecting us to people and resources within universities

  • Researching future partnership opportunities


Website Development


We're looking for graphic artist to make regular updates to our webpage content.


This includes:

  • Brainstorming future website functionality

  • Updating content through our website's easy-to-use interface

  • Browsing other similar or related websites to stay up-to-date on current website trends




We're looking for people to help spread the word about Wheels Of Action.


This includes:

  • Creating awareness of the WOA brand online, especially through Facebook and other social networking sites

  • Coming up with good ideas for WOA Campaigns and services

  • Brainstorming other ways to create WOA brand awareness




We're looking for people to help WOA with everything they have to keep track of!


This includes:

  • Organizing marketing and communication materials.

  • Creating and maintaining communication lists and newsletters.

  • Working with board members to set meeting times and agendas.

  • Keeping track of the WOA budget.




We're looking for people with experience seeking sponsorship to help fund our administration costs and raise funds for our projects.


This includes:

  • Researching Opportunities

  • Assembling materials and submitting proposals

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